Whitbourne Mugworks new website live

20 April, 2012 by Robby


Keith Butler the owner of Whitbourne Mugworks asked us to redesign his existing website to allow him to more easily update it on a regular basis. He is really pleased he now has website that not only is he proud of but he finds easy to work with to add new gallery photos and news items amongst many other things.

Oh yes and by the way. He got his first order from a new customer that same week it went live!!

Another Happy Customer. Thanks Keith

To ensure that visitors could easily place an order with Keith we placed a funky post-it at the top of the page. He also wanted the design to reflect his business and approach to his work. 


For all things Mugs - from Promotional Mugs to Individual Personalised Mugs - Keith at Mugworks is your Man. The Mug Maker!


Visit www.mugworks.co.uk 

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